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Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing 6 new Indoor Colour Stories for fresh decor with new qualities, designs and room inspirations for every style … here’s the the first look.


Jewel Box
A colour collection of luscious hues of red, hints of fuchsia, warm purple and teal, all grounded by rich black will bring energy and an elegantly eclectic look to your decor.



Urban Dwelling

Snow white, platinum, stone greys and hard black mix with red spark for oh so stylish looks. Mix with metallics in silver and bronze for added shine.

Black and white is a classic. Always elegant, always chic … a timeless trend with added red!





Grey Gardens

Cosy, earthy shades of grey mixed with neutrals, citron yellow and glowing golds for use in both traditional and contemporary spaces.


This season’s new favourite colour is GREY. Whether sticking to traditional hues of taupe and beige or wanting something more modern with the addition of citron, grey is the new neutral.



gg_cs_page1 gg_cs_page2 gg_cs_page3

Always classic, always bold, always in style … black and white decor goes with everything and is perfect for your living room or dining room update. The high-impact pairing of black and white adds depth to your design scheme and makes accent colours pop.

Check out the new Black and White decor collection in stores now to start your decor transformation.  

Black and White Swatch

Bold- black plate_andmugWhite Plate _ Black Utensil



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