Kimono Style Cover Up DIY

A versatile addition to your wardrobe, a kimono is great for an evening event or a daytime outing. Plus, with breezy, sheer fabrics, kimonos also make a beautiful cover-up to wear at the pool or beach. Use our DIY how-to and make your own; a great piece for your upcoming Summer vacation!

TIP: If using a fabric that frays easily add some bias binding along the front and neckline edges instead of turning under for added strength.

Download printable step-by-step PDF here.

Download printable neck hole template here.

There are so many fabrics to choose from … here are some new examples.

Item #3495 658 Chiffon Dot | 100% polyester | 147cm
Item #3495 659 Decidedly Digital Chiffon Prints | 100% polyester | 150cm
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7 Discussion to this post

  1. Linda L. says:

    I wish there was a picture of it without things on top of it so I could see it properly. Better still would be a picture of someone wearing it so we see what it looks like as well as how it fits, how long it is, etc.

    • Fabricland says:

      Hi Linda
      A very good point that we’ll remember for future garments. We’ve added another image that will hopefully show the complete kimono a little more clearly. The pattern is a one-size-fits-most style with the length from the centerback neckline as 95cm (37″) if following the instructions exactly.

  2. Lin says:

    Where do you get the neck template?

  3. marilynn Scratch says:

    Love the pattern and template. So simple but elegant.

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