Outdoor Fabric Feature

In the summer months your outdoor living space becomes an important part of your home. Make it the most enjoyable it can be!

Desert Oasis

Muted tones with pops of green and blue take you on a trip to the desert right from your own backyard!

High Contrast

Crisp black joined by fun prints and splashes of colour make this a highly enjoyable collection!

Green Living

Enjoy this lively collection of bright green mixed with yellow and grey.

Sunny Skies

A vibrant palette of colours and prints are bound to bring some sunshine to your sky!

Surf’s Up

Blue, as far as the eye can sea. Give your outdoor living space a radical high five and have a tubular summer, dude!

Why not try your hand at a new project for the backyard with this DIY — perfect for today: National Hammock Day!

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