Pompom Bunny Clip/Pin

Hop into Easter with this DIY that combines two cute things: Bunnies & Pompoms!

What You Need

Yarn (your choice of colours)
Felt (colours to match yarn + pink)
Googly Eyes
Clip/Pin with Backing
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Make Your Pompoms

Method #1 – using a pompom maker

From front to back, hook your yarn into the slit on the right hand side of the pompom maker, and loop it around back towards the middle. Bring it around to the front, and hook it into the slit on the left hand side located on the handle. Loop it again around the back towards the middle, and bring it up front again.

Wrap yarn from front to back around the curvature of the pompom maker. There are grooves found on the top edge to keep yarn in place. Continue to wrap the yarn around until you reach your desired fullness.

When done, bring yarn up towards the top edge, and cut yarn. Cut yarn off from the slit on the left hand side, located on the handle. Unhook the other end that is hooked into the slit on the right hand side of the pompom maker, and tightly tie ends together.

Trim along the top edge of the pompom maker right through the centre. When done, the pompom will be released off of the maker. Rotate the pompom between your fingers, and trim around edges to snip off any long pieces sticking out.

Note: The Pompom Loom set has different sized pompom makers to create a range of pompom sizes that best fit your project.

Method #2 – using your fingers

Wrap your yarn around your four fingers repeatedly, until you’ve reached your desired fullness. The more wraps, the thicker and fuller your pompom will be. Make sure not to wrap the yarn too tightly to allow room to slide it off at the end. Cut yarn when done.

While keeping yarn wrapped around your fingers, take a new piece of yarn and thread it between your middle finger and ring finger. Bring both ends towards the top and tightly tie a knot. Slip wrapped yarn off your fingers, and cut yarn.

Cut loops open on both sides. Make sure to cut open every loop. Rotate the pompom between your fingers, and trim around edges to snip off any long pieces sticking out.

Same method can be applied to create larger or smaller sized pompoms. Use household items with a width larger or smaller than your fingers to create different sizes. For example: A cup or mug for a larger pompom, or a fork for smaller pompoms.

Create Ears

From felt, cut out two matching outer ear shapes (2” high) and two pink ear shapes (1“ high) for the inner ear. Adjust ear size for smaller pompoms.

Using glue gun, apply a thin line of glue to the pink inner ear shape and affix it to the larger outer ear shape.

Affix Ears & Eyes

When attaching ears, hide the base of the ear shape within the strands of yarn of the pompom; applying glue to front and back of ear at base.

Once ears and eyes have been attached, trim your pompom as you see fit to give the bunny face more character.

Attach Pin/Clip

Trim the back of the pompom down so you have a flatter area where you will apply glue to affix the pin/clip backing.

The hot glue from the glue gun will heat up the metal of the pin/clip backing. Be careful when doing this craft with the kids!

Alternative Uses

These cute pompom bunny heads can be used in many other ways! Create festive hair accessories using bobby pins with backing or head bands. Don’t stop there … let your imagination hop around!

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