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Keep warm with these easy and almost no-sew project ideas.  Chilly days are no match for cozy vests and capes. 

Download instructions

Download instructions

Coatings of many different weights, types and styles are available for your next project.  Choose from plaids, textured boucles or solids in a wide range of colour and so much more.

Item 34435888000R Classic Plaid Coating | 98% polyester 2% other fibre | 150cm

Item 3421389000R Seasonal Boucle Jacketing | 65% polyester 35% rayon | 148cm

Item 3412889000R Seasonal Boucle Jacketing | 59% polyester 41% acrylic | 150cm

Item 3423888000R  Seasonal Coating | 80% polyester 20% wool | 147cm

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  1. Christine says:

    I have been to all London and Sarnia Fabriclands and there is none of the plaid coatings and hasn’t been for months I did order it from Fabricville but would rather pick up at the store.

    • Fabricland says:

      Hi Christine, Thanks for your interest. Selections will vary by store. If you ever can’t find something please do address your want with a staff member at your local store. They have the ability to do an internal check to see if your product is available at another store. Happy Sewing!

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