One Hour or Less Fuzzy Chenille Throw

Need a quick gift? Or just want something new and fun to keep you warm? Make a back-to-back throw in under an hour using cozy, fuzzy chenille.

It’s super simple with a lot of pins!  You need 1.3m of both the chenille fur for the face and the micro chenille for the back.  Trim selvedges and straighten both edges of the micro chenille to have a 1.25×1.5cm (50×60″) rectangle.  Lay the micro chenille over top of the fur chenille with right sides together and pin every 7cm (3″). Trim the chenille fur to match the micro chenille.  Stitch 1.25cm (.5″) around the entire throw leaving a 15cm (6″) opening.  Remove pins, turn right side out and hand or machine stitch the opening closed.  That’s it!

Fabric suggestions:

Item 0271800 Waves Chenille Fur | 100% polyester | 150cm

Item 0271770 Rainbow Stripe Chenille Fur | 100% polyester | 150cm

Item 0242204 | Rainbow Stripe Micro Chenille | 100% polyester | 150cm

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  1. yummyYumz says:

    The Rainbow Stripe Micro Chenille doesn’t even show up on the Fabricville website!

    • Fabricland says:

      Hello! Thanks for your interest. We can’t speak for its availability with Fabricville, but if you visit your local Fabricland store you’ll be able to buy it now! Enjoy your day!

  2. Marilyn Henderson says:

    Any news on a store in Nanaimo, BC

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