Bandana Prints Craft Cotton

Bandanas have been around for many generations and are a classic and versatile accessory. Used as a functional item to wipe the foreheads and noses of previous generations; they have transitioned over and over and have become a fashion statement for both you, your family and your pet!

The popular paisley pattern is widely chosen for tops, dresses & button up shirts. You could even incorporate this classic fashion statement into your next face mask!

Paisley Allover

Available in six colours:
Black | White & Black | Aqua | Yellow | Red | Navy

Square Allover

Available in seven colours:
Grey | Green | Black | Royal | Red | Pink | Navy

BANDANA PRINTS | Item #0648053***D | 100% cotton | 112cm width

20×20″ Square Panel

Classic panel design…

Available in five colours:
Grey | Navy | Pink | Red | Black

20×20″ Round Panel

A twist on the classic panel design…

Available in five colours:
Royal | Aqua | White & Black | Red | Black

BANDANA PANELS | ITEM #0648054***D | 100% cotton | width 112cm 

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