Customized Creativity using Metal Bag Closures

Need a new handbag, elegant purse or fun clutch? You can make your own to match any outfit and any occasion with your choice of metal frame closures.

Whether you want straight, rounded or a fancy shape, there’s a style for you. From large purse clasp openings to small coin bag closures, there are 7 styles in stores now, each in their own unique colour of gold, antique gold or silver.

There are countless bag styles and shapes you can create using the handy pattern and construction guide link below. Choose your clasp and create a style just right for you.

With so many fabrics to choose from … simple cotton prints, tapestry, fur, elaborate embroideries and more … you are sure to find something perfect for your look. You could even knit or crochet your own!

Use chain link, cord trims or make your own matching fabric handles; add some embellishments such as tassels, buttons or beads and you have your own one-of-a-kind bag.

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