Floral Bouquet

COMING SOON to a Fabricland near you … Breathe deep and enjoy the sunshine of Floral Bouquet. A classic floral pattern, the simple rose, takes on life to inspire your next project. With a coordinating mini and a textured design, your new cozy, country-esque quilt is just a few stitches away.

Item# 0648027 | 100% Cotton | 112cm Width

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5 Discussion to this post

  1. Liz Bourns says:

    Very old fashioned. When will Fabricland stock more funky and inspiring fabrics?

  2. Joy Lane says:

    I absolutely love these, very pretty countryside designs! I hope for more to match the seasons!

  3. Ann Ryan says:

    Love that they are coordinated. Makes picking out fabric so easy.

  4. Melody Smith says:

    Love the mini prints been looking for floral prints like this for a while.

  5. Linda Knelsen says:

    Love the colors…especially blue!

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