Just the Basics

Do you ever have enough basics, stripes and dots?
A cute basic elephant, chevrons and positive and negative dots with matching stripes in lots of colours are on their way.

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  1. Judy Toffoli says:

    I will let you know if i do not get my 5 coupon thks for letting me know

  2. Helena Ramos says:

    Very pretty fabrics !

  3. Deb says:

    I am mobility challenged so to get out to shop is very hard. I want to make my husband a felt table cloth for poker night. I don’t need pattern just the right thinkness and standard widths 39 or 54 I think thank you so much

  4. Deb says:

    Wrong email address hallemdebra@gmail.com

  5. Susanne Gumprich says:

    I purchased the end of the bolt of the “Oh La Stripe” in the green and blue at my local Fabricland. I would like to get some more. Is there a way for me to get another metre from Fabricland directly or from another store?

    • Fabricland says:

      Hi Susanne,
      Oh La Stripe is one of our re-orderable fabrics, so if you contact or visit your local Fabricland again with as much information about the bolt as possible (Name, design number, color name or number), they should be able to reorder some for you or get some transferred from one of the other locations! 🙂

  6. Myra Simpson says:

    looking for padding for bras

  7. Christine says:

    Do you sell fleecy material

    • Fabricland says:

      Hi Christine, Thanks for your interest. Yes, Fabricland stores carry fleece. Please call or visit your local store to see current in stock and pricing. Happy Sewing!

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