Mini Felt Mitten Ornament DIY

It’s the time of the season for decorating. Whether it’s your tree, a mantel or staircase or even the handles of your kitchen cupboards … this cute DIY is quick, simple and oh so sweet!

What You Need

  • Felt sheets or regular felt by the meter
  • Embroidery floss – can you same colour as felt or contrasting colour
  • Needle – larger eye such as Ribbon & Crewel is best
  • Scissors
  • Pen/Pencil/Chalk/Marker – to trace pattern onto felt
  • Glue – Felt Glue / Fabri-Tac / glue gun
  • Ribbon/Floss/Felt – for ‘hanger’
  • Various Notions for Embellishments – buttons, fur trim, rick rack, etc.

What You Do

1) Using the pattern provided cut out your desired sized mitten shapes x 2.

TIP: When tracing your pattern, to hide any markings, trace with thumbs together as shown.

2) Decide if you’ll be decorating your ornament with buttons or an embroidery pattern. This is the time to do it! Add any embellishments before sewing the mitten shapes together.

3) For this project we’ve used a ‘blanket stitch’ around the exterior. The trick with a clean ‘blanket stitch’ is the length of a stitch should also be the distance between each stitch. However, perfection is over-rated, so you do you! Your finished ornament will look super cute no matter what.

Blanket Stitch

Start by hiding the knotted end of your floss between the two layers of felt at one of the top corners. Come up from the back of front layer. Tuck thread end in between the felt layers so it’s hidden.

Next, go through both layers, from back to front, and come through the same spot as your starting point. Leave a loop of floss available to put the needle though then pull floss taut.

Continue this stitch style all around the exterior of the mitten shape until you’ve reach the top on the opposite side.

4) Blanket stitch around the entire mitten leaving the top open. Now it’s time to decide if you want to stuff your mitten to give it some puff.

5) Using an overcast stitch, sew the opening closed.

Add a fur or felt cuff or any other embellishments.

Don’t forget to add a ‘hanger’ (so you can hang it on your tree) before gluing the cuff onto your mitten.

If you do forget or are not adding a cuff, you can add a ‘hanger’ by sewing one on.

Use felt, ribbon or even embroidery floss – the choice is yours!

ALTERNATE USE: Make many of the smallest sized ornaments and attach them to a strip of ribbon or trim and you’ve created garland!

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