DIY Slippers – The Gift of Comfort

Handmade gifts are full of love and the joyful feeling of giving is equal to that of receiving.

How about slippers? Making your own has never been easier with Suede Slipper Soles which are available in various sizes for both adults (women) and babies.

Women’s Small | size 6-7.5
Women’s Medium | size 8-8.5
Women’s Large | size 9-10
Baby | size 4-5 infant (12-18 months)
Each size comes in both Black & Natural.

Below we have shared two DIYs: one for baby sized slippers and another for the women in your life!

Fleece Lined Felt Baby Slippers

Materials Needed:
Fleece Lining
Baby Suede Slipper Soles
Embroidery Thread
Hand Stitch Needle

Seam allowance is 1/4″

Step 1
Using the pattern provided, cut four pattern out of felt and four pieces out of fleece. Make sure to fold the fabric when cutting to ensure two of the four pieces are reflected.

Step 2
With right sides together, sew each piece of fleece lining to a piece of felt. Sew across the top of the boot and around the curve until the notch. Turn right side out.

Step 3
With felt sides together, sew the two sides of the boot together by stitching down the back. Finish the front of the boot by stitching around the toe until the notch. Trim any extra seam allowance. Turn the boot right side out.

Step 4
Hand stitch the boot to the sole. Create a cross stitch (‘X’ pattern) by bringing the needle out through a perforated hole and diagonally across to the fabric above the next hole. Bring the thread back through the fabric above the first hole and finish the X by bringing the needle diagonally as shown above.

Faux Fur Slipper Boots

Jumbo #7 Fur Loop Yarn (300g / approx. 15m)
One ball of Medium #4 Yarn in Matching Colour
Suede Slipper Soles
Two 5cm Yarn Pompoms
Measuring Tape
Yarn Needle

NOTE: No knitting needles are required for the following knitting pattern. Right side of project is always facing up while knitting, and is worked in alternating directions with no turning of work required. Avoid loops from twisting and make sure not to skip any loops.

How to knit

Lay loops flat, facing up. This is your base row (Cast On). Working right to left, back to front, thread the next loop in sequence through the last loop of the base row pulling the loop towards you. Continue until you have worked your way to the left. Continue alternating directions.

How to bind off

Knit the next 2 loops as you would. Thread the second loop into the first loop, from front to back, pulling the loop away from you. Knit the third loop, and continue this sequence until all stitches have been secured. Cut the last loop to create a yarn tail. Tie a knot and weave in all ends.

CO = cast on
K = knit
BO = bind off

Knitting Pattern

Step 1
With your measuring tape, loosely measure around your ankle. Add an extra 5cm (2”) to that measurement. Lay loops flat, facing up, to create your base row (CO). Make your CO equal this measurement. K for 3 rows.

Step 2
With your measuring tape, measure from the top centre of your ankle to the tip of your foot. This will be called your ‘top seam’. CO to the left to equal the measurement of the top seam. K all loops to the end of the row.

Step 3
In the same manner, CO to the right to also equal the measurement of the top seam. K all loops to the end of the row.

Step 4
Continue to K all loops for 4 rows. BO. Cut yarn and weave in all ends.

Step 5
Fold project in half vertically. You will see the shape of your boot begin to form. Cut open loops to create a straight strand of yarn. Use this piece to weave edges together. When weaving through the corners, curve your seam to round out the corners.

Step 6
Flip boot inside out. Cross stitch the boot to the slipper sole, using your yarn needle and Medium #4 yarn. Take the same yarn, starting from the outer side of the boot, weave the yarn along to entire top edge, and leave 7.5cm (3”) hanging from each end. Cut yarn and then attach your 5cm yarn pompoms to each end. Repeat for second boot.

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