Nature Walk

Trendy foxes and owls are everywhere! See them together with other woodland creatures in a fun, new outdoor adventure group “Nature Walk” coming to stores February 2015.

Item #0647062000D

illustration stack1

stack2 stack3

Especially fun is the new provincial design “My Canada”


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17 Discussion to this post

  1. Ingrid says:

    Do you carry felting needles and wool for felting?

  2. Tracy says:

    OMG…finally Fabricland is starting to stock good quality good LOOKING fabric. yessss!

  3. Samantha says:

    Is Nature Walk available in stores now? Peterborough in particular? Thanks!

    • Fabricland says:

      Hello Samantha,

      Nature walk is in stores now.
      If you would like to know if a specific store still has stock, you can call and ask. Our two Peterborough locations are: Market Plaza @ 101 George St. N. Tel. 705-743-2386 and Portage Place @ 1154 Chemong Rd. Tel. 705-748-4985.
      The item # for this group is 0647062000D.

      Happy Sewing!

  4. Andreanne Cadieux says:

    Hi, do you have this collection in the Cranbrook store (Cranbrook, BC) ?

    • Fabricland says:

      Hello Andreanne,

      Nature walk is in stores now.
      If you would like to know if a specific store still has stock, you can call and ask. Our Cranbrook Location Telephone Number is: 250-489-5818
      The item # for this group is 0647062000D.

  5. Val says:

    We’re looking for horse fabrics do you have any at the Langley Store. It’s the closest Fabricland to where I live.
    Thanks for any help you supply
    Have a great day

    • Fabricland says:

      Hello Val,

      Thanks for your inquiry, our Langley store phone number is 604-533-0821, they will know best what they currently have in stock.

      Happy sewing!

  6. Karmen says:

    Hi. Is there any way to order these fabrics online? I have looked and called a bunch of stores in my province and they are all out of the prints that I want 🙁

    • Fabricland says:

      Hi Karmen,

      Unfortunately these particular fabrics are not sold online. Please contact the nearest Store Manager and have them assist in finding the fabrics at another location.

  7. Marilyn Hargreaves says:

    I live in Ottawa, Ontario, and am trying to locate 5 metres of Nature Walk.

    In particular I am looking for the print with all the provinces listed. Thanks for any help.

    • Fabricland says:

      Hello Marilyn,

      To locate this fabric, please contact Management at your local store. Store Management will assist with locating the fabric and make necessary arrangements should it be located amongst our stores.

  8. Rica says:

    Could I make a Baby Sling / Wrap from these fabrics? How stretchy and durable are they?

    • Fabricland says:

      Hi Rica,
      These are more of a quilting/craft fabric and unfortunately would not be recommended for a Baby Sling; it would not be quite a heavy enough material. However, we would have twills, denims, and pant/skirt materials in store that would be great for baby slings!

  9. J. Smith says:

    Are we able to order the Brown “Wood Grain” Print from the Nature Walk Series?
    Looking for a few bolts of it..

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