Grey Gardens

Cosy, earthy shades of grey mixed with neutrals, citron yellow and glowing golds for use in both traditional and contemporary spaces.


This season’s new favourite colour is GREY. Whether sticking to traditional hues of taupe and beige or wanting something more modern with the addition of citron, grey is the new neutral.



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Indigo Days

Shades of blue from light as air to deep twilight mix with soft whites and driftwood taupes to create a comfortable, soothing space.


Colour doesn’t have to be bright to beautiful. Blue is big for 2014 and continues it’s surge in popularity as a calming, easy palette for decorating.


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Colours of the Season - Blog Post

Here’s an early preview of the colours of the Colours of the Season Winter 2014-15. Click the swatches above to get more inspiration!

Winter Berries

Think berry shades…raspberry, blueberry, mulberry. Now add all shades of PINK to this pink based colour group and you have something new! A beautiful palette from light to dark with light petal pinks, fuschia and the deep Bordeaux shades of wine, oxblood and burgundy.

Green Works

When you think of a lush forest, what colours do you see? Every shade of green from light leaf green, soft dusty evergreen and aqua to deep spruce and dark teal. Team them up with gorgeous berry shades for a warmer feel, blood orange or honey mustard to make you think of autumn leaves.

Graphic Notes

Boy meets Girl with feminine looks in masculine colour. Mix with neutrals and add a jolt of RED to the usual black and black story for an outstanding look.  And don’t forget about grey; it’s still a strong neutral and works well with all the colours of the season.

Moody Blues

There is a full spectrum of monochromatic blues happening this fall from tranquil light blue, dusty delft blue, vibrant cobalt all the way to gorgeous navy. Whatever shade of blue you choose you will be in fashion…blue is a stand out for Fall 2014.

Cushions are an easy way to change the mood of any room.  Mix and match graphic looks for an eclectic and modern space.  From living rooms to bedrooms, cushions can help accent existing colour schemes or add a finishing touch for a new Fall look.

For all you Cushion Lovers out there, here’s a Fall Preview!
Stay on the look out for more to come.

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Be Exotic

Zebras, lions, leopards, oh my!
Walk on the wild side with our new collection of mini skin prints.

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Animal Skin Cotton Prints All_skins

Play the piano, guitar or maybe a tuba? Pick your instrument and use these musically inspired cotton prints in your next craft project.

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“What is a Boy?”

He’s an imp and an angel, a dreamer, a tease,

an explorer of meadows and a climber of trees.

A runner of errands and doer of chores,

who tears his best trousers and tracks up your floors.

He’s a solemn young man with some mud on his feet

and a daredevil riding his bike down the street.

A bundle of questions, who wants to know “why”.

The world goes around and the stars fill the sky.

But adventurous, timid, excited or quiet,

there’s nothing so new that he won’t care to try it.

And just when your temper and patience wear thin,

he’ll look up at you with an innocent grin.

And your heart melts again with your real pride and joy.

In that mischievous, wonderful treasure— your boy!!

Author: Unknown


New prints for all the boys in your life… Look for Item # 0647057000D on your next trip to your Fabricland store.


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If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions…you might be a Diva Girl!

Embrace your inner girly-girl with this new collection, in stores now.
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Bring the sunshine in and express your style by celebrating colour with jacquards Soho and Hopscotch in juicy hues of marigold, tangerine, avocado and royal.





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