Arabella Coordinates

Gentle paisleys, medallions and delicate florals in soft, pretty colours blend together to create this charming collection, Arabella.  In stores now.

Item #0649 102 000D

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  1. Sharon Black says:

    I am currently viewing Fabricland’s “Arabella Coordinates” Collection; it’s quite lovely. Perhaps I’m not looking in the right location, but am left wondering why there is next-to-no information about the actual composition of said material, size of fabric (e.g., width on bolt), fabric repeat, fabric weight, etc. Such info. would be very useful.

    Fabricland’s Web site has definitely stepped up during the last couple of years which is very nice to see. I hope you’ll keep improving, keep adding to its features. For instance, I know my nearest store, located in Orillia, among myriad things, also offers up all kinds of wonderful home decor items, (seasonal and all year round accessories) yet, from what I can find online, unless visiting an actual bricks and mortar location, this sort of information remains a secret.

    I live in the Kawarthas countryside. Since my local Fabricland is a one hour commute away, having more detailed product information offered up on your corporate Web site would be very helpful. Too, it would more actively inspire folks like myself to make the trek and spend money (a lot more often!) in one of your great stores. A lot of your decor items are great, they’re often so inspired and inspiring.

    Lastly, here’s hoping you’ll find the right physical site, at a competitive lease (or outright purchase) price point that would both entice and allow you to return to Lindsay, Ontario. As I am sure you’ve long surmised, there exists a HUGE void in the availability of “for sale” fabrics and notions, and for sure, Fabricland continues to be tremendously missed in these parts.

    Thanks for listening. 🙂

    Most sincerely,

    Sharon Black

    • Fabricland says:

      Hi Sharon,
      Thanks so much for all your feedback and kind words regarding the website. We are continually making improvements to both the website and social media platforms. Since Arabella, we have started to include the content and width but in some cases, there are too many to list so please send your questions about specific items or call your local Fabricland store with the item # to get all the info you need.
      The notions area is our next focus for the website and we have lots to add! The selection of home decor accessories vary greatly from store to store and changes quickly so we use Facebook and Instagram to show fabulous store displays using these. Please follow us there for inspiration.
      Will certainly pass on your store wishes…
      Feedback and comments are always welcome; thanks again
      If you need anything further, let us know
      Happy Sewing

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