Sweet & Simple Crochet for Baby

Whether it’s a handmade gift or a special make for your own little one, this sweet headband & blanket are simply perfect.

Easy Baby Or Lap Blanket – V-Stitch Crochet

86x94cm (34×37”) size is approximate and will vary depending on tension and yarn used.


ch – chain
dc – double crochet
sk – skip
v-stitch – dc in next stitch, ch1, dc in same stitch


5 x yarn (195m / 213yd) for blanket
1 x yarn for edge
crochet hook (size 5.5mm)


Chain 134 stitches (make larger or smaller by increasing or decreasing in increments of 4 ch stitches.
Row 1: sc in 2nd chain from the hook and in each chain across.
Row 2: ch3. dc in the next 2 sc, skip next sc, v-stitch in next sc. *(Skip 1 sc and dc, skip 1 sc and v-stitch). Continue pattern * across and dc in last 3 sc.
Row 3: ch3. dc in the next 2 dc skip next sc, v-stitch in next sc. *(Skip 1 dc and dc, skip 1 dcand v-stitch). Continue pattern * across and dc in last 3 dc.
Row 4-61: Repeat row 3.
Row 62: ch 1. sc in in the next 4 dc, *(sc in ch1 space, sc in next 3 dc). Repeat pattern * across row and sc in last dc.
End off leaving a long end.
Weave in any joins and ends using a large eye yarn needle.


Leaving a long tail, join your edging yarn to a corner and slip stitch in first stitch.
Skip next 2 stitches, dc 5 times in same stitch, skip 2 stitches and slip stitch in next stitch. Continue pattern around entire blanket.

Sweet & Simple Headband


0-3 months – 11-12” (28-30cm)
3-6 months – 13-14” (33-36cm)
6-12 months – 15-17” (38-43cm)
toddler – 16-18” (41-46cm)
child – 17-19” (43-48cm)


ch – chain
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
blsc – back loop single crochet


Chain enough stitches to measure 1/2” (1.3cm) smaller than the desired head circumference, leaving an 8” (20cm) tail to begin.

TIP: do not stretch your chain when measuring as it will tighten up as you begin crocheting.

Round1: sc in all stitches and join with a slipstitch into the first sc to create a round, ch 1

TIP: be careful to not twist your work!

Next rounds: blsc in each stitch, join with a slipstitch into the first sc of round, ch 1.
0-3 months 10 rounds
3-6 months 11 rounds
6-12 months 12 rounds
toddler 13 rounds
child 14 rounds

Fasten off keeping an 8” (20cm) tail.


At the point where the rounds have begun, bunch the headband as pictured and wrap both tails around the area a few times and tie off. Sew on a crocheted flower, button or other embellishment to finish.


Chain 27
Skip first 4 chains and sc in 5th chain from hook then (ch2, skip 1ch and 1sc) across to the end.
Turn piece and (sc, ch1, 3dc, ch1, sc) in each ch2 space across, finish off leaving a long tail.
Thread the tail through a needle.
Holding the beginning tail, wrap the crocheted chain in a circle and with the threaded needle sew through the base of the petals to secure.

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