Punch Needle: Tool Knowledge & DIY

Maybe you’re an avid creator of punch needle projects or maybe you’ve never been introduced to it, yet. Either way, we’ve got the tools & information you need, plus a fun DIY!

Punch needle embroidery is a form of embroidery that is related to rug hooking.


What You Need

• Large Punch Needle Tool
• Embroidery Hoop of your choice
• One Ball of #3 Light to #5 Bulky weight Yarn for each desired colour of your choice
• Monks Cloth
• Fine Tip Marker
• Scissors
• Felt
• Fabric Glue

What You Do

Step 1:
Cut the monks cloth into a square that’s at least 5cm (2”) larger than the embroidery hoop size you’ve selected.

Step 2:
Print out the pattern (link provided below) on regular printing paper. The pattern can be scaled to fit any size hoop.

To trace design onto the monks cloth tape printed pattern onto a light source – such as a light box or against a window using natural light. It helps to be in a dark room.

Centre the monks cloth on top of the pattern and tape into place. Trace pattern using a fine tip marker.

Step 3:
Separate the two rings of the embroidery hoop.

*NOTE: If you are using a Bamboo Embroidery Hoop, loosen rings by holding each end with both hands and twisting the screw and washer in opposite directions.

Leaf Pattern:
Place the monks cloth on top of the inner ring (the one without the tightening screw) and centre your traced pattern. Place the other ring on top and tighten the screw.

Wave Pattern:
Place the monks cloth on top of the outer ring (the one with the tightening screw) and centre your traced pattern. Place the other ring inside the outer ring and tighten the screw.

Pull the outside edges of the monks cloth to tighten. Continue pulling & tightening your hoop to ensure it’s secured in place. Continue to check that the pattern is centred.

You’re now ready to begin punching!

Step 4:
Using Punch Needle Tool – Insert threader into the punch needle starting from the point, going through the needle hole, then up through the barrel until it comes out the opposite end. Insert yarn into the threader loop and pull the threader back out.

When punching, face the beveled edge of the needle in the intended direction. Keep the needle in a vertical position.

Carefully punch needle through the fabric and slowly lift it back out, keeping the needle as close to the fabric as possible. Punch the next stitch about 5mm away from the previous stitch and continue in that manner.

Keep a firm grip on the hoop while punching and avoid placing fingers directly underneath to avoid the pointed the tip.

It’s best to work from left to right, then right to left, but if at any point you want to re-position the needle or switch colours, end off with yarn ends on the inside.

If you are punching from the outside towards the inside, stop with needle punched into the fabric, cut yarn and slowly remove needle.

If you are punching from inside towards the outside, pull needle completely out of the fabric towards you and cut yarn.

You can adjust the length of your loops by twisting the bottom knob and locking it into the selected letter size.

Leaf Pattern:
Adjust your needle to size D. You are working from the outside towards the inside. The loops will be covered on the inside, which gives the final project a flat finish. Four colours are used in this pattern. Refer to pattern.

Wave Pattern:
Adjust your needle according to the pattern. You are working from the inside towards the outside. The loops will appear on the outside, which gives the final project a textured finish. Five colours are used in this pattern. Refer to pattern.

Step 5:
To finish, trim off edges approx. 2.5 cm (1”) from the hoop edge. Fold edges back towards the inside and apply glue to hold the edges in place.

Cut a circle, the size of the inner loop, out of your felt. Glue felt on top the monks cloth edges to create a finished backing.

Hang your finished piece of art anywhere to add a unique touch to your living space!

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