Contrasting Cotton Prints

Nothing is more striking than the contrast of black & white, which is what makes this collection of Contrasting Cotton Prints so eye-catching!

Contrast Cottons - Monotone Lily
Monotone Lily
Contrast Cottons - Viney Floral
Viney Floral
Contrast Cottons - Spaced Monotone
Spaced Monotone
Contrast Cottons - Spaced Leaf
Spaced Leaf
Contrast Cottons - Small Floral
Small Floral
Contrast Cottons - Jacobean Floral
Jacobean Floral
Contrast Cottons - Small Spaced Daisy
Small Spaced Daisy
Contrast Cottons - Wallpaper Floral
Wallpaper Floral

Contrast Cottons | Item# 0648046***D | 100% cotton | 150cm width

If florals aren’t your thing, then check out this eclectic group of prints!

Black & White - Little Paws
Little Paws
Black & White - Paw & Bone
Paw & Bone
Black & White - Music
Black & White - Butterfly
Black & White - Hearts
Black & White - Skull

Black & White | Item# 0648049***D | 100% cotton | 112cm width

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