Halloween Home Decor

Dressing up your home for this spooky day should possess you with eerie delight; whether it’s simple décor for the dinner table or spreading boo-tiful trimmings throughout your entire living space.

Spider Lace | Yarn Dyed Spider Lace

Bring some ghostly goodness to your dinner table to add magic to meal time.

Spider Lace | Item# 0317500***D | 100% polyester | 150cm width
Yarn Dyed Spider Lace | Item# 0317501***D | 100% polyester | 150cm width

Halloween Spook-tacular Foil Netting

Cute, almost cartoonish ‘Spider in Web’ and ‘Pumpkin’ are great decor choices for the younger ghouls & boos.

Item# 0317515000D | 100% polyester | 145cm width

Halloween Organza Foil

‘Spiderweb’ comes in red and purple and makes for a perfect basic layer as you dress-up your dreadful decor.

‘Pumpkin Patch’ comes in combinations of black, orange and gold. Fang-tastic!

Spiderweb| Item# 0319114000D | 100% nylon | 148cm width
Pumpkin Patch | Item# 0319114000D | 100% nylon | 148cm width

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