The Beauty of Hand Dyed Batiks

Batik is a technique of applying wax to fabric in various patterns, which resist coloured dyes, producing beautifully designed fabrics.

Hand Dyed Spray Batiks

The ‘Hand Dyed Spray Batiks‘ collection of craft cottons is so versatile that it can be used for both a new fashion creation or an upcoming quilting project.

Hand Dyed Spray Batiks | Item# 0643021***D | 100% cotton | 112cm width

Hand Dyed Batiks

This ‘Hand Dyed Batiks‘ collection of craft cottons contains traditional “dot” designs along with various floral patterns in a variety of colours, providing you with multiple choices for all your project needs.

Hand Dyed Batiks | Item# 0643020***D | 100% cotton | 112cm width

To see the fascinating process of making batik fabric, check out this video.

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